IS Manuel Vallejo DeJesus an Illegal Alien Working at Albertsons in Milwaukie Oregon Does Albertsons use Everify

 IS Manuel Vallejo DeJesus an Illegal Alien Working at Albertsons in Milwaukie Oregon Does Albertsons use Everify

Car stolen at knife point in West Linn Vehicle recovered

 Cool Car of Presumed Illegal alien stolen.

West Linn Police Dept.– 09/29/11



On Thursday Sept. 29, 2011 the Mercedes stolen at knife point yesterday in West Linn was recovered in the 3500 block of Oak Grove Blvd. in Milwaukie, or this morning.

The suspect remains at large.

Mr. DeJesus is willing to speak to the media, his phone number is included below.

The car was located by a viewer who called the Clackamas County Dispatch Center (CCOM)after seeing news reports of it being stolen.

The WLPD investigation continues.

On Wed. Sept. 28, 2011 Manuel Vallejo DeJesus reported that his car was stolen from the Albertson’s parking lot by a man with a knife at 9:09 A.M. Mr. DeJesus was not hurt.

The vehicle is described as a 1995 Mercedes Benz C-280 sedan, white in color, Oregon License 867CFJ. The car has tinted windows and chrome wheels.

Mr. DeJesus was working in the store and went outside on a break, he drove his car to the loading dock area behind the store and was approached by a white male adult, about 30 years old, slender to average build with short light brown hair and a full beard. He was wearing a black trench coat.

The suspect approached the car, and asked Mr. DeJesus for a cigarette, he declined. The subject then came back a few minutes later and asked for Mr. DeJesus’ identification inferring that he was a law enforcement officer. The victim refused and the suspect opened the door of the car and held a knife to the victim and ordered him from the car. The car was last seen turning onto 10th St. from Blankenship.

Mr. DeJesus is currently meeting with detectives and working on a composite drawing.

Attached Media Files: 2011-09/1071/48044/WLPD11-1221_Car_Jack_Suspect.jpg

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