Illegal Mexican Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo Child Rapist Gets Free Kidney Treatments $300,000 a year

Illegal Mexican Rapist gets Free Kidney treatments Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo Yamhill County Rapist gets free Kidney Treatments

Update – due to a technicallity his insurance company was required to pay for his insurance. Too bad because this case might have mobilized Oregon into stopping the invasion from Mexico

Gustavo Rogelio Mercado_Murillo – Rapist of Little American Boys:
Inmate’s care tab breaks jail budget Illegal alien Rapist in the Yamhill county Jail, who is getting $300,000 in medical treatments. In Oregon , no one is allowed to ask for immigration papers- Illegals get whatever the want and they do too.


Given the severity of the charges against him, then, officials don’t want to let him go. “If we release this guy,” said Yamhill County Sheriff Jack Crabtree, “he’s going to split.” But they also don’t want him to stay. Three times a week, Mercado needs to be hooked up to a dialysis machine. That runs about $6,000 a week, not counting the cost of secure transportation to and from the Salem clinic. The Yamhill County Jail provides medical service to inmates, but it’s nothing fancy. In addition to keeping a doctor and several nurses on staff, the county budgets about $60,000 a year for dental care, psychiatric care, prescription drugs and hospital visits. Mercado’s care figures to run several times that all by itself. Crabtree said he’s not had a case like this since he was elected. “I’ve never even imagined this,” he said. “I’m geared up for a $50,000 heart attack, and that’s about it. This guy goes through that in a month.” As the mothers of the victims choked back tears in the third row of Judge Ronald Stone’s courtroom Wednesday, prosecutors said they were working with corrections officials and Mercado’s attorney, Janmarie Dielschneider of McMinnville, on a way to get the defendant close to the clinic while still keeping him secure. That would cut the expense some. Officials are talking with the Salem-based Stepping Out Ministries, which houses offenders working their way back into the community following incarceration. No juveniles are allowed on the site. Spokesman Steve Silver said the facility controls 12,500 square feet of space in a former nursing home. Staff is on site 24 hours a day, although the doors are not locked. Yamhill County Community Corrections Director Richard Sly said officials were considering “rigorous guidelines” under which Mercado could live there, which would include wearing a security bracelet and GPS monitoring. That wouldn’t solve the medical issue, but it would go a long way toward solving the transportation issue. Crabtree said officials are considering a number of options, but they don’t include any outright release. Today, Crabtree said, Mercado is scheduled to undergo his fourth treatment on the county tab. He’s due back Saturday, then Tuesday. “Any time somebody goes to jail, they lose their insurance, and I’m on the hook for their medical bills,” Crabtree said. Stone said he’d give officials a couple more days to negotiate an agreement and hold another meeting on the issue Friday. “Whatever we decide, we will decide Friday,” he said. “I am inclined to do this if we can do it safely.”
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Man given 75 years for sex abuse of children

Likely life sentence – Prosecutors say there may have been as many as 10 victims

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Associated Press

McMINNVILLE — A judge in Yamhill County has sentenced a man to what’s likely to be a life term in prison for the sexual abuse of preteen children.

Gustavo Mercado-Murillo pleaded no contest to eight felony charges involving three boys and two girls younger than 10. The charges included sodomy, rape and sexual penetration with a foreign object. Prosecutors believe there were at least twice that many victims from four different families.

Prosecutor Erin Greenawald said Mercado tortured his victims in unspeakable ways.


“On the spectrum of horrible, this case is on the outer edge,” she said.

“The sentence does not scrape the surface of what he deserves. The incidents were numerous and habitual. He had a captive group,” she added.

“He’s greatly sorry for the grief, sadness and agony he has brought upon his family,” countered defense attorney Janmarie Dielschneider. “But he does not believe what he did rises to the level of criminal conduct.”

Mercado is 31. Judge Cal Tichenor sentenced him Friday to 75 years without the possibility of early release.

Mercado, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, has kidney disease and undergoes dialysis that costs taxpayers about $300,000 a year. He does not have a long life expectancy.

Before his April 10 arrest, his treatments were being covered by the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool, which insures children and adults who have been denied coverage elsewhere because of a pre-existing condition.

As the pool’s contract insurer, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon handles eligibility, enrollment and claims issues. When Mercado was arrested, the pool cut him off.

That put Yamhill County in a difficult position.

It feared he would flee to Mexico if released, and thus escape punishment for his crimes. But it also feared his costly care would break the jail’s precariously balanced budget.

Then county officials discovered pool regulations allow a cutoff in coverage only when a patient “becomes an in-patient or inmate at an Oregon correctional or mental institution,” which they construed to exclude a county jail. And they eventually prevailed.


In prison, responsibility for his care will simply pass from one arm of state government to another.

Mercado’s wife, pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, sobbed when defense attorney Dielschneider explained the sentence.

Through an interpreter, Mercado denied he had actually committed the crimes he pleaded no contest to and said the people who support him know that.

Dielschneider said Mercado understood that pleading no contest was the same as pleading guilty and that there would have been enough evidence for a jury to convict him of more counts.

She said she had advised him, “Say your prayers and ask God to have mercy on your soul.”

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Perhaps what we need is public hangings in the town squares of our cities ,across the nation, of any illegal alien arrested and convicted on U.S. soil?




Published: April 17, 2008 Mercado: Needs dialysis
By DAVID BATES Of the News-Register
Until late last week, Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo’s health insurance paid for his weekly kidney dialysis treatments. Now the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office pays for it. Mercado was in Yamhill County Circuit Court on Wednesday, accompanied by an entourage of officials grappling with an unusual and expensive problem. The 31-year-old McMinnville resident is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy and three counts of first-degree sexual abuse in a case allegedly involving three boys under the age of 10. He is an illegal alien from mexico.



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