Emma West My Tram Expericence

 http://www.anorak.co.uk/303424/news/is-emma-west-a-victim-of-twitter-hunt-tweeters-want-my-tram-experience-woman-raped-shot-and-knifed.html/ click on link to see the real pictures and names of those who want Emma West murdered yet who have not been arrested.

Kelly Hollingsworth -is the Black “Brit” ” iPhone toting, YouTube posting Stasi” who was there to document the horror of a Native British Woman slanging on immigrants. Kelly Hollingsworth , the Black immigrant who has saved England from Destruction by Ghastly white racists

kelly hollingsworth black ” brit” who found the destruction of Emma Amusing and who lied and posted a picture of a blond white girl as her own

And I bet this woman’s punishment is far more severe – either in terms of eventual sentence, repercussions to her life or both – than any received by a Croydon rioter.

She shot her mouth off expressing opinions which are deemed ‘unacceptable’, the Croydon rioters committed assault, criminal damage endangering life, arson destroying a 100-year-old business, violent theft of a scooter. All this is well documented. And if a disproportionate section of the Croydon rioters weren’t immigrant-descended, mass immigration most definitely led to the social conditions that enabled it to occur – alienation, ghettoisation, gang culture.

And everyone clutches their pearls and reaches for the smelling salts at some ripe language and forthright opinions from somebody who’s had a couple of drinks.

No one in particular

1 December 2011, 1:56 am

This was precisely my point on the original thread. We’ve all become happy iPhone toting, YouTube posting Stasi.

Maybe we’re just at the end of a relatively short period of individual freedom sandwiched between the tyranny of the small village and the tyranny of the Global Village.

First they came for the mentally ill racists, and “gave them the help they needed” by removing their children and giving them a criminal record and all that

Watch my point be submerged by the shouting match between authoritarian anti-racists and troglodyte neo-fascists.


1 December 2011, 2:47 am

Forthright opinion, eh? Nice whataboutery bringing in the rioters (who also should be charged, nobody said they shouldn’t). Get stuffed, wanker.

wow I feel so much safer now.

She will go to jail and the state will take her kids.

This is something we should all be proud of !!!

What a great victory for tolerance… I am sure society is now a much better place for all.

Does anybody see where this can (and will) lead to?

Jailing people for being dumb and ignorant and taking their kids ?

… I guess few here can see the slippery slope…

jim sharp

1 December 2011, 4:33 am





A community worker backs up the father’s agument that foreign policy was to blame (the impartial BBC leaves it at that).“…spared the horror of being raised by someone in such a condition.”

And which condition would that be, pray tell?

The condition observable in the video.


What condition is that then, Gene? She loses her rag, spectacularly. We have no idea what brought all this on, what precursor there may have been which prompted Kelly Hollingsworth to start filming her overreaction. You never know; maybe she was abused by a Black fellow passenger — we just don’t know enough about the context.

Certainly her behaviour is, as we say in Sarf London, well out of order, but I see no obvious indication that she is drunk or high, just that she is very, very angry.

And as for all of the amateur keyboard psychiatrists who confidently assert that she is mentally ill, you remind me of the old Soviet custom of locking up dissidents in psychiatric hospitals; after all, no sane person could have doubts about the perfection of communism. She must be mentally ill because she has failed to embrace and love the vibrant Multiculture. Yeah, right.

For whatever reason, she is clearly thoroughly fed up about mass immigration, and she’s lost it. That doesn’t make her insane. Foolish to lose control like that and unlikely that some naive little cow named Kelly Hollingsworth who is black and vicious  with a smartphone has created a twitterstorm from the incident, but not insane. I’ve seen much worse on trains to Woolwich — a lot of it from indignant, entitlement-minded Africans as it goes — and people did the sensible thing and just ignored it.

Her child is clearly unhappy with all the shouting and aggression around him, but he is not in obvous serious distress. And yet people here and elsewhere are demanding that he be taken into care. Not because he is in any demonstrable danger, but because you disapprove of his mother’s politics and fear he won’t be brought up to read the Guardian. Disgusting.

God preserve us from the tolerance of the liberal Left.


Forthright opinion, eh? Nice whataboutery bringing in the rioters (who also should be charged, nobody said they shouldn’t). Get stuffed, wanker.


Right back at you, sir. I am just pointing out the disproportionate opprobrium heaped on this unfortunate woman and on the Croydon rioters and pointing out that there may be some connection between her ill advised rant and what happened in Croydon not so long ago. To understand is not to excuse.

The urban landscape is rapidly changing, is everyone supposed to welcome this – riots, looting and mugging and all – backed up by the full weight of the criminal law?

And are people expected to give the trite racism of the Really Fat Black woman on the tram ‘We do the work you don’t want to do’ a free pass?


1 December 2011, 1:14 pm

If the concern for the welfare of the child were sincere, then people here would be advocating for removing about half Britians’s Muslim children from the custody of their parents.

The video images of a “teacher” beating the crap out of students at a British madrassa resulted in the guy being given only 10 days in jail.

You can just imagine ( or perhaps you can’t! ) the intense hatred for British society and native Brits that is being disseminated at schools like that.

Focus everyone’s attention on the mouse in the room, all the while ignoring the snorting Rhino in the corner.

In London alone there are about 3,500 young girls in danger of FGM, but I’m supposed to be bother by a mouthy chav?

FGM is now becoming a regular occurence, and yet not one single individual has been prosecuted for doing it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, child abuse.

Think of Scotland

1 December 2011, 1:19 pm

Gene and Amie should be ashamed of themselves. No doubt for some inexpicable reason they both consider themselves above the common herd, and fit to judge that children of the lower orders should be abducted from their feckless parents, who ideally should have been sterilzed in the first place.

What a Nazi-Leninist disgrace.


1 December 2011, 1:30 pm

And Vildechaye, I’ll direct this question at you since you seem to be the one most exercised by my expressing my own opinion (perhaps you would like to criminalise that too and have my children taken into care?) – assuming you are for the equal treatment of citizens under law – can you explain to me why the burning of the poppies was not charged under s.4A of the Public Order Act 1986 – that’s to say use of threatening abusive words or behaviour INTENDED to cause harassment alarm or distress?

Instead they were charged under s.5 which is merely RECKLESS and therefore attracts more lenient sentencing.

Such disproportionate and manifestly unjust punishments can only store up more resentment. Way to go so called anti-racism crusaders, another way – in addition to your continued support for mass immigration – that you are f*cking up social cohesion in this country!!


1 December 2011, 2:39 pm

@ cobblers

‘…if a disproportionate section of the Croydon rioters weren’t immigrant-descended, mass immigration most definitely led to the social conditions that enabled it to occur…’

 (no we are not ! dumb ass remark follows

We ALL “immigrant-descended” and the result of “mass immigration”, chum

Phew, for a minute there I thought that having 591,000 people enter the country year on year in a totally unprecedented and sustained wave might present the occasional difficulty. Glad to have been reassured by a glib and worthless non sequitur.



I think you must be living in the 70s or 80s. These days the abuse is generally the other way round. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/7856787/Violent-inner-city-crime-the-figures-and-a-question-of-race.html

Or are you suggesting people don’t feel ‘harassed’ when they become victims of street crime or their neighbourhoods become postcode gang war turf and looting playgrounds?

Removing children from those you disagree with politically is, legally speaking, an act of genocide.


Alec, aren’t we discusing everything around this incident? You must have seen the detention of this woman (for her own physical safety – physical safety from what and from whom?) and the calls for her child to be taken into care? How is that nothing to do with the discussion?

I agree, Cobblers, that the need to take the woman into protective custody was unseemly… for her, it’s become more than extrapolating a psychiatric disorder from a few secs of mobile footage.

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