Food Poisoning Muchas Gracias St Helens Oregon- Hires Illegal Mexicans

Muchas Gracias In St Helens hires Illegal Mexicans and needs to be shut down by the health Department. An ICE Raid would be nice too.


 Meredith H. 0 friends 5 reviews Meredith H. St Helens, OR 2/27/2013

My family and I have been going to Muchas for some years, as it is better than taco”hell”, but we have finally decided never to return. The last straw was last week when my wife ordered the new “homemade” tamales, one chicken and one beef. Homemade, unfortunately, does not mean fresh as these were the most disgusting things I have ever seen, let alone tasted. The cornmeal was mushy and nasty tasting with the filling even worse. The chicken had the consistency of “hair”, disgusting taste and also had a green tinge to it. The beef wasn’t any better. I wonder how long these sit before they sell them. My wife felt quite ill the next morning and I attribute that to the nasty tamales.My family likes the bacon egg burritos but they are 95% potato and with barely any egg and cheese. A complete ripoff in my book as potatoes are very, very, very cheap. The size is not good at all considering the price. I can’t tell you how many times I ordered the Oregon burrito and noticed that they did not even include cheese, which is stated as an ingredient, Just another way for the owner to improve his profit margin. This burrito should be called the Oregon “POTATO – NO CHEESE” burrito. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO MY WORST ENEMY and will never eat here place again. Was this review …?

Add owner comment Bookmark Send to a Friend Link to This Review Review from Mark F. 0 friends 17 reviews Mark F. Richland, WA 1/25/2012 I used to hit this place three This Review Review from Larry H. 10 friends 97 reviews Larry H. Portland, OR 5/20/2008 Muchas Gracias, a 24hr mexican joint frock with danger, had the Oregon burrito and a shrimp burrito while the guiding light had an Oregon burrito as well. Everything’s fine, good night’s rest when all of a sudden, 5am I wake up in a cold sweat and the room’s spinning with a cacophony of movement like a bad trip from college. Cramps, bloating, I knew it was time to shoot some hoops or I was in for a worse time than I already was. I grabbed a magazine, stumbled over our dog licking his balls, and made it into can with moments to spare. A half hour later, everything was cool, but then the light opened her eyes and in a feverish daze she said, “Honey, I think I’m sick.”

Running a fever and dripping sweat, she went to see the poo-whales play in the surf. Add in a 15-rd bout with ralph and it was finally over. Food poisoning is never fun…once again, I find that 24hr service doesn’t exactly mean 24hrs of fresh cooking, much less sanitary cooking. Watch your step, and you will be met by saint helens mexican illegals instead of a monstrosity of a diarrhea cannonburst. The real question is, when at a 24hr joint are the ingredients first prepared? Was this review …? )

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