Immigration raid: Town’s Hispanics [Illegals] shutter businesses,

Immigration raid: Town’s Hispanics [Illegals] shutter businesses, scatter By NIGEL DUARA Des Moines Register May 13, 2008 Postville, Ia. – The phone calls started at 5 a.m. They carried the same message: Immigration was coming. (So who tipped them off?) Paul Real, a lay pastor at the Ministerio Hispano, said his phone was ringing off the hook. “Calls have been flying around,” he said Monday morning. “There are rumors everywhere.” Twelve hours later, Hispanic businesses in downtown Postville were shuttered. Locks held the door at El Sabor Latino grocery store and restaurant. Bowls of chips and salsa were abandoned along with a half- empty bottle of Coke. (No wonder illegal aliens are so fat) At the Postville Bakery and Restaurant – which also goes by La Panederia y Pasteleria – a sign in the doorway said, “We will be closed at 11 a.m. today.” The Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at the Agriprocessors Inc. plant scattered the Hispanics of Postville. About 400 found their way to St. Bridget’s Catholic Church, waiting for information. Some filled out G-28 forms that allow a lawyer to represent their detained children or minors in their care. (Tax exempt status for any church that Enables or assists illegal aliens should be revoked.Maybe if they paid full taxes they Wouldn’t be such traitors to the US.) A woman who would identify herself only as Judy said she and her husband work at Agriprocessors. The last time she saw him was before his shift Monday, about 5:30 a.m. “No, I don’t know where he is,” she said in Spanish. Judy said she and her husband came from Mexico illegally. Like many others at St. Bridget’s, they regard the church as a haven from law enforcement. (What an attitude. have they ever considered living in their own country and following the laws?) Asked whether the church would indeed be a safe place, Sister Mary McCauley of St. Bridget’s said, “That is our belief and hope.” “It’s a place to get family convened,” she said. The Postville Community School District assembled all its Hispanic students to ensure they each had a parent or caregiver at home. (Probably all the students were anchor babies and illegal aliens. It is that bad these days) Superintendent David Strudhoff said those whose parents could be located would be allowed to go home. For the rest, elementary and middle-schoolers were paired with high school students and separated into groups. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by 12 children, a counselor who declined to be identified tried to determine which children needed to be sent home. “What’s your name? Where do you need to go?” she asked one. To another, “You’re safe at the church.” By Monday night, all of the kids at the church had been paired with parents or caregivers. Care workers brought fruit juice, diapers, Cheetos and animal crackers to St. Bridget’s. Alma Gonzalez’s 2-year-old, Pedro, munched happily on a plate stocked high with chips. “We don’t know anything right now,” she said. Gonzalez said her husband works on a farm in Monona. She went to the church because she came to this country illegally from Guatemala and thought St. Bridget’s would be safe. Eight months pregnant, she’s due to have a girl in June. (Please deport her before she pops out that anchor baby!) Standing outside the Agriprocessors plant, Adolfo Calderon said he tried to put himself in the shoes of someone here illegally. He has friends who work at the plant, he said, most of whom are in America legally, but he feared for the families who might be separated. “They shouldn’t do this,” Calderon said. “I understand it’s a legal (issue) and they’re trying to do their job, but what happens to these poor families?” (The illegals came here knowing they were illegal and manipulated the system So they could work the Catholic Guilt fulltime. Yes, they should deport illegals and their kids back to their own countries) Adolfo Calderon, 15, said his father manages apartments in the town. With the raid, those apartments could be cleared out and his father could be put out of business. (Exactly! Does everyone know that legal renters in the US Pay higher rent because of the illegal aliens filling up apartment buildings?) Hidie Roach,(hahahah) a teller at Citizens State Bank in Postville, said the raid gives the town a bad name. (Yes, illegals have the habit of ruining places- like Woodburn Oregon. Maybe they should change it to Cockroachville or Breederville. The town needs the packing plant, Roach said. “I think a lot of people will leave.” So, and what is wrong with that? At St. Bridget’s on Monday night, Real, the lay pastor, fielded calls, answered questions and handed out pamphlets advising immigrants of their rights while trying to keep about 400 people clothed, sheltered and fed. His wife, holding the phone to her ear, said a caller was offering food. Did they need it? Real, without looking up from his desk, answered quickly. “Say yes.”

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