Mexican Gangs with Guns Vancouver Washington Gang affiliate arrested for Attempt Murder II / Econ lodge Motel shooting investigation

No matter what happens they never comment or check for the immigration status of mexicans. Did you know that in February 2013 , Obama released 10,000 illegal mexicans into the USA to save the taxpayers money?Image

Gang affiliate arrested for Attempt Murder II / Econ lodge Motel shooting investigation
Vancouver Police Dept. – 03/12/13

On January 26 2013 Vancouver Police responded to the Econo Lodge Motel 601 Broadway St Vancouver, WA for a male subject who sustained a gunshot wound to his head. Investigation revealed, the paid occupant of the room an Elena Espinoza a 24 year old female and known gang associate called 911 after returning to her room on this date to report a male subject unknown to her was in her room bleeding and claimed he had been shot. The male victim was transported to the Hospital and is expected to recover.
 ( sadly we get to pay for mexican crime)

The South West Washington inter-agency Safe Streets gang Task force assumed the investigation. SSTF consist of Vancouver Police, Clark County Sheriffs Office, Washington State Department of corrections and the FBI. During the investigation SSTF was able to establish probable cause for the arrest of Attempted Murder II on Angelino Pena who is a known gang associate with extensive criminal history. Angelino is 30 years old and resides in Vancouver. His latest conviction was in 2011 for Unlawful possession of a firearm where he served prison time and was released in October 2012.
Today March 12, 2013 a search warrant was secured for the arrest of Angelino Pena. SW Washington SWAT team executed the warrant at 3115 Bridge Street where Angelino was taken into custody. Angelino Pena was booked into Clark County Jail for Attempt Murder II. Weapons (guns) were recovered from inside the house but it is unknown at this time if they were weapons used in the assault. Image

Elena Espinoza was also charged and booked on Friday March 8th for Rendering Criminal Assistance I. It was determined that she was present and had involvement in incident.

 the police are honoring the request of some illegal mexican or trashy anchor baby who does nothing but cause crime by being  in a gang?

The victim of this incident is requesting not to be named. He is still recovering from his injury. Due to the nature of the investigation and the persons involved we are honoring his request and ask members of the media to do the same. ImageImage

Please contact Kim Kapp for any additional details

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