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Border Bandits Strike Where Border Patrol Refuses to go

Stop the California Dream Act Click Here to Find Out How Humane Trap? Bandits focus on water drop sites Nogales (Arizona) International — October 21    Placing water jugs for illegal aliens Border bandits strike again, rob group near Ruby … Continue reading

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Obama Began Amnesty 2009 Gave Illegal aliens in Seattle Work Permits

http://www.debbieschlussel.com/5056/exclusive-ice-gives-work-permits-to-27-illegal-aliens-in-seattle-raid-ice-cancels-customs-freight-inspection-bc-they-might-find-illegal-aliens-head-agent-dont-tell-debbie-schlussel/ obama began amnesty over two years ago and no one stopped him – august 19 obama granted amnesty to more than 20 million illegal aliens plus anyone else who wants to jump the border. only sustained mass outrage will stop him

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