Border Bandits Strike Where Border Patrol Refuses to go

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Humane Trap?
Bandits focus on water drop sites

Nogales (Arizona) International — October 21   

Placing water jugs for illegal aliens

Border bandits strike again, rob group near Ruby
    Migrants crossing illegally into the U.S. from Mexico were once again the target of borderland bandits, who this time struck near the abandoned mining town of Ruby in western Santa Cruz County.
    Nine alleged victims told sheriff’s deputies that they were traveling with four other undocumented immigrants on the night of Oct. 17 when two gunmen stopped the group near a spot known as White Tank.
American Border Patrol
    This ambush happened at White Tank where groups such as Humane Borders and No More Deaths place bottles of water to be used by migrants heading north (see photo and maps: Water Delivery Road / Trap Area / Trap Site). According to reliable sources, the U.S. Border Patrol has agreed not to target these water drop sites for enforcement. What better place for bandits to rob migrants?

what is it with mexicans? I met a mexican, probably amnestied in 1986 , who lives on two acres in Yuma Az , near a canal. He met an illegal mexican and he gave him a safe harbor from the Border Patrol He lied to the Border Patrol and gave the illegal his cell phone to call his ride. He looked at us and said he was just coming here to get a job , when millions of Americans can’t get jobs, but mexicans can. He worked as a cook at I_HOP in Yuma until last summer and he is 52, if anyone knows border patrol in AZ let them know.

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