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Job Theft by Foreign Nationals 90 percent of Chinese and Indian students who earn STEM PhD stay in US and steal Jobs

Clemson Professor Says South Carolina Doesn’t Need More Foreign STEM Workers
Monday, March 18, 2013, 9:50 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

An op-ed written by Clemson Professor Mark Thies and published in the Greenville News says the number of U.S

    . students enrolled at Clemson in STEM fields is up 60 percent over the past five years. Furthermore, he says that one-third of STEM graduates aren’t working in the field and starting salaries within the field have remained flat since 2010.

    Thies teaches Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Clemson University in South Carolina.

  • He says that enrollment in his Thermodynamics class is the highest its been in his 28 years of teaching. He uses his observations to criticize both the Gang of Eight’s immigration proposal and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s suggestions that the U.S. suffers from a “brain drain” – highly educated people leaving the country because they can’t stay and work in the country after graduation.
  • “[A]ccording to Ross Eisenbrey in The New York Times, almost 90 percent of Chinese and Indian students who earn STEM PhD stay here. Ross comments (and based on my 28 years at Clemson University I concur) that if a student is talented enough to be wanted by industry, they are essentially guaranteed to get a work visa.”

    Thies says it’s not just recent graduates that are seeing flat starting salaries. He says experienced STEM workers have also seen their salaries stop rising and there’s evidence to prove that there are no labor shortages in the high-tech industry.

    “[T]he National Association of Colleges and Employers, which tracks STEM salaries of new graduates, reports that overall engineering starting salaries have been flat since 2010, with a tiny 0.3 percent increase. Similar trends exist for more experienced workers. In fact, according to Professor Norman Matloff (EPI Briefing Paper No. 356, Feb. 28), no study other than those sponsored by industry has ever confirmed a shortage! Industry’s continual claims that there are too few Americans in STEM fields — and that U.S. citizens are less talented than their foreign counterparts — have been refuted by several recent studies.

    “As far as the brain drain is concerned, Matloff’s study reached a somewhat startling conclusion: There indeed is a brain drain — but it’s an internal brain drain, as the best and brightest U.S. students move out of the STEM field after graduation into areas where salaries are more lucrative because of less worker competition.”

    Read Prof. Thies’s full op-ed at

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Emma West My Tram Expericence click on link to see the real pictures and names of those who want Emma West murdered yet who have not been arrested.

Kelly Hollingsworth -is the Black “Brit” ” iPhone toting, YouTube posting Stasi” who was there to document the horror of a Native British Woman slanging on immigrants. Kelly Hollingsworth , the Black immigrant who has saved England from Destruction by Ghastly white racists

kelly hollingsworth black ” brit” who found the destruction of Emma Amusing and who lied and posted a picture of a blond white girl as her own

And I bet this woman’s punishment is far more severe – either in terms of eventual sentence, repercussions to her life or both – than any received by a Croydon rioter.

She shot her mouth off expressing opinions which are deemed ‘unacceptable’, the Croydon rioters committed assault, criminal damage endangering life, arson destroying a 100-year-old business, violent theft of a scooter. All this is well documented. And if a disproportionate section of the Croydon rioters weren’t immigrant-descended, mass immigration most definitely led to the social conditions that enabled it to occur – alienation, ghettoisation, gang culture.

And everyone clutches their pearls and reaches for the smelling salts at some ripe language and forthright opinions from somebody who’s had a couple of drinks.

No one in particular

1 December 2011, 1:56 am

This was precisely my point on the original thread. We’ve all become happy iPhone toting, YouTube posting Stasi.

Maybe we’re just at the end of a relatively short period of individual freedom sandwiched between the tyranny of the small village and the tyranny of the Global Village.

First they came for the mentally ill racists, and “gave them the help they needed” by removing their children and giving them a criminal record and all that

Watch my point be submerged by the shouting match between authoritarian anti-racists and troglodyte neo-fascists.


1 December 2011, 2:47 am

Forthright opinion, eh? Nice whataboutery bringing in the rioters (who also should be charged, nobody said they shouldn’t). Get stuffed, wanker.

wow I feel so much safer now.

She will go to jail and the state will take her kids.

This is something we should all be proud of !!!

What a great victory for tolerance… I am sure society is now a much better place for all.

Does anybody see where this can (and will) lead to?

Jailing people for being dumb and ignorant and taking their kids ?

… I guess few here can see the slippery slope…

jim sharp

1 December 2011, 4:33 am



A community worker backs up the father’s agument that foreign policy was to blame (the impartial BBC leaves it at that).“…spared the horror of being raised by someone in such a condition.”

And which condition would that be, pray tell?

The condition observable in the video.


What condition is that then, Gene? She loses her rag, spectacularly. We have no idea what brought all this on, what precursor there may have been which prompted Kelly Hollingsworth to start filming her overreaction. You never know; maybe she was abused by a Black fellow passenger — we just don’t know enough about the context.

Certainly her behaviour is, as we say in Sarf London, well out of order, but I see no obvious indication that she is drunk or high, just that she is very, very angry.

And as for all of the amateur keyboard psychiatrists who confidently assert that she is mentally ill, you remind me of the old Soviet custom of locking up dissidents in psychiatric hospitals; after all, no sane person could have doubts about the perfection of communism. She must be mentally ill because she has failed to embrace and love the vibrant Multiculture. Yeah, right.

For whatever reason, she is clearly thoroughly fed up about mass immigration, and she’s lost it. That doesn’t make her insane. Foolish to lose control like that and unlikely that some naive little cow named Kelly Hollingsworth who is black and vicious  with a smartphone has created a twitterstorm from the incident, but not insane. I’ve seen much worse on trains to Woolwich — a lot of it from indignant, entitlement-minded Africans as it goes — and people did the sensible thing and just ignored it.

Her child is clearly unhappy with all the shouting and aggression around him, but he is not in obvous serious distress. And yet people here and elsewhere are demanding that he be taken into care. Not because he is in any demonstrable danger, but because you disapprove of his mother’s politics and fear he won’t be brought up to read the Guardian. Disgusting.

God preserve us from the tolerance of the liberal Left.


Forthright opinion, eh? Nice whataboutery bringing in the rioters (who also should be charged, nobody said they shouldn’t). Get stuffed, wanker.


Right back at you, sir. I am just pointing out the disproportionate opprobrium heaped on this unfortunate woman and on the Croydon rioters and pointing out that there may be some connection between her ill advised rant and what happened in Croydon not so long ago. To understand is not to excuse.

The urban landscape is rapidly changing, is everyone supposed to welcome this – riots, looting and mugging and all – backed up by the full weight of the criminal law?

And are people expected to give the trite racism of the Really Fat Black woman on the tram ‘We do the work you don’t want to do’ a free pass?


1 December 2011, 1:14 pm

If the concern for the welfare of the child were sincere, then people here would be advocating for removing about half Britians’s Muslim children from the custody of their parents.

The video images of a “teacher” beating the crap out of students at a British madrassa resulted in the guy being given only 10 days in jail.

You can just imagine ( or perhaps you can’t! ) the intense hatred for British society and native Brits that is being disseminated at schools like that.

Focus everyone’s attention on the mouse in the room, all the while ignoring the snorting Rhino in the corner.

In London alone there are about 3,500 young girls in danger of FGM, but I’m supposed to be bother by a mouthy chav?

FGM is now becoming a regular occurence, and yet not one single individual has been prosecuted for doing it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, child abuse.

Think of Scotland

1 December 2011, 1:19 pm

Gene and Amie should be ashamed of themselves. No doubt for some inexpicable reason they both consider themselves above the common herd, and fit to judge that children of the lower orders should be abducted from their feckless parents, who ideally should have been sterilzed in the first place.

What a Nazi-Leninist disgrace.


1 December 2011, 1:30 pm

And Vildechaye, I’ll direct this question at you since you seem to be the one most exercised by my expressing my own opinion (perhaps you would like to criminalise that too and have my children taken into care?) – assuming you are for the equal treatment of citizens under law – can you explain to me why the burning of the poppies was not charged under s.4A of the Public Order Act 1986 – that’s to say use of threatening abusive words or behaviour INTENDED to cause harassment alarm or distress?

Instead they were charged under s.5 which is merely RECKLESS and therefore attracts more lenient sentencing.

Such disproportionate and manifestly unjust punishments can only store up more resentment. Way to go so called anti-racism crusaders, another way – in addition to your continued support for mass immigration – that you are f*cking up social cohesion in this country!!


1 December 2011, 2:39 pm

@ cobblers

‘…if a disproportionate section of the Croydon rioters weren’t immigrant-descended, mass immigration most definitely led to the social conditions that enabled it to occur…’

 (no we are not ! dumb ass remark follows

We ALL “immigrant-descended” and the result of “mass immigration”, chum

Phew, for a minute there I thought that having 591,000 people enter the country year on year in a totally unprecedented and sustained wave might present the occasional difficulty. Glad to have been reassured by a glib and worthless non sequitur.



I think you must be living in the 70s or 80s. These days the abuse is generally the other way round.

Or are you suggesting people don’t feel ‘harassed’ when they become victims of street crime or their neighbourhoods become postcode gang war turf and looting playgrounds?

Removing children from those you disagree with politically is, legally speaking, an act of genocide.


Alec, aren’t we discusing everything around this incident? You must have seen the detention of this woman (for her own physical safety – physical safety from what and from whom?) and the calls for her child to be taken into care? How is that nothing to do with the discussion?

I agree, Cobblers, that the need to take the woman into protective custody was unseemly… for her, it’s become more than extrapolating a psychiatric disorder from a few secs of mobile footage.

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Mexican Rapist Attacks American Woman Occupied by Illegal Mexicans Oregon

Beaverton Police Investigate Robbery & Sexual Assault Incident *** Composite Added***

Beaverton Police Department– 11/19/11


obama approves of open borders and rape of American women


******* Sound file attached for radio ***********

On November 18th at 6:49 PM the Beaverton Police received a call of a robbery and assault that had just taken place in the area of 163rd and SW Estuary Drive (exact address withheld). The female victim reported that a male suspect used a ruse of asking for help to gain unforced entry into her apartment. While inside the apartment the female victim was attacked from behind and physically assaulted. The suspect then attempted to sexually assault the victim before fleeing the apartment with property belonging to the victim.

if the police in washington county want to stop crime and rape all they have to do is enforce immigration laws and all the illegals will move to Portland

The victims injuries were not life threatening.

The victim described the suspect as a Hispanic  Mexican Illegal alien  male who was between the age of 15 to possibly early 20’s. The victim believed the suspect was most likely in his teens. The suspect was described as being approximately 5’6″ with a light to medium build. He was wearing dark pants with a dark hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head. He was (illegal mexicans always wear baseball caps  it’s part of their uniform )-also wearing a baseball cap that had writing on the front.

The victim in this case is very distraught over this incident and does not want to speak with the media or be identified. In order to prevent revealing the identity of the victim, detectives are not elaborating on the type or extent of the physical injury to the victim or any other details regarding the attempted sexual assault.

While Detectives do not currently have a suspect identified, they have been working on this case since reported and are currently following several leads. The press release will be updated with a composite drawing of the suspect as soon as it is available.

The police are reminding the public to be wary of letting strangers into their homes. The police are also asking for any information that could assist detectives in identifying the suspect.





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Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens ;National Day Of Remembrance

National Day of Remembrance
Thousands have died to keep the border open – involuntarily

Tea Party Immigration Coalition — October 30, 2011  
National Day of Remembrance

    The National Day of Remembrance of Victims of Illegal Aliens is hereby announced for November 6th, 2011. In cooperation with FIRE Coalition and the national crime victims’ site, VOIAC and various Congressmen and women, we are pleased to announce a major new memorial day.
    Few Americans know that more Americans are killed annually than were killed in all of the Iraq war! Few know that among the tens of thousands of these killings over 25000 arrests of illegal aliens have been made. […]
A day of remembrance; it’s all in the numbers
    Today’s article is all in the numbers, so let’s get right down to it.
    For instance, 25. That would be the number of years passed since the disastrous Simpson-Mazzoli Act was signed into law. Also known as IRCA (Immigration Reform and Control Act) the bill was supposed to “control and deter illegal immigration to the United States.” So, on this day in 1986, millions of illegal aliens were granted amnesty and millions more encouraged to sneak across our borders. Indeed, they continue to do just that. However, have no fear for our border is “better now than it’s ever been,” at least according to our Homeland Security Chief. Feeling any better

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Corruption in US Border Patrol Hires Mexican Drug Smugglers as Agents

A.W. Morgan —  
L.A. Times finds the Border Patrol has a Hispanic problem   
With the Obama administration crowing about all the illegal aliens it has deported (no more than Bush but don’t expect the Main Stream Media to look past the press release), the average American unschooled on immigration must think those uniformed sentinels on the Southwestern frontier work day and night to keep out the riff-raff. — But alas, the Los Angeles Times, in cooperation with…


LA Times Finds Border Patrol Has A Hispanic Corruption Problem (But Doesn’t Quite Put It That Way)

By AW Morgan on October 24, 2011

With the Obama administration crowing about all the illegal aliens it has deported (no more than Bush but don’t expect the Main Stream Media to look past the press release), the average American unschooled on immigration must think those uniformed sentinels on the Southwestern frontier work day and night to keep out the riff-raff.


But alas, the Los Angeles Times, in cooperation with the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berserkley, has revealed that such isn’t the case. Rather, the team reports, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has quite a problem with corruption.


Since 2004, no less than 132 of its 58, 000 employees have been nailed on corruption charges. And by that we don’t mean snatching a few pesos from the petty cash account, or wangling a free tortilla from the corner bodega in return for not deporting the owners and half their cousins.


The problem: The agency has hired so many agents so quickly it cannot perform thorough background checks to ensure they haven’t hired members of the Juárez Cartel. And so the agency has, in fact, hired drug smugglers.


But let’s permit the LAT to open the story with an almost comical first few paragraphs:


“When Luis Alarid was a child, his mother would seat him in the car while she smuggled people and drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border. She was the sweet-talking commuter, he was her cute boy, and the mother-son ploy regularly kept customs inspectors from peeking inside the trunk.
Twenty-five years later, Alarid was back at the border in San Diego, seeking a job as a customs inspector. To get hired by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, he first needed to clear screening that examined his personal, financial and work histories.
Alarid had served in the Marines and Army, which was a factor in his favor. But there was cause for concern: His finances were in shambles, including $30,000 in credit card debt. His mother, father and other relatives had been convicted of or indicted on charges of smuggling.
After the background check and an interview, Alarid was cleared for a border posting.
Within months, he turned his government job into a lucrative criminal enterprise. In cahoots with a gang that included his uncle and, allegedly, his mother, Alarid let cars into California filled with drugs and illegal immigrants.
‘I was inside now, going around understanding how things work,’ Alarid said in a telephone interview from federal prison in Kentucky, where he is serving a seven-year sentence for corruption. “[Links added]
Border agency’s rapid growth accompanied by rise in corruption, By Andrew Becker and Richard Marosi,  October 16, 2011




But Alarid isn’t the worst of it. Another character in the comedy is John Paul Yanez-Camacho, ”a former law enforcement officer from the Mexican state of Chihuahua and a manager of a nightclub in Ciudad Juarez owned by a suspected drug trafficker when he applied in 2003 to be an inspector.”


The LAT did not reveal whether Yanez-Camacho is a naturalized citizen, and barring that, how a man who appears to be a Mexican citizen landed a job with the federal government. Nor does the report explain why no one at the agency seems to have thought it strange that a Mexican cop wanted to catch Mexicans crossing the border.


Anyway, here’s the rest:


Two years after being hired, Yanez-Camacho started accessing a sensitive law enforcement database without authorization. From 2005 to 2006, he did so more than 250 times, often trying to get information about law enforcement investigations involving the suspected drug trafficker, according to his plea agreement.
“Authorities suspected that Yanez-Camacho was passing along confidential information, but his motives remain a mystery. ‘He can’t explain how he did that, why he did that and why he compromised his situation at the port of entry,’ Assistant U.S. Atty. Ed Weiner said at a court hearing in 2009 at which Yanez-Camacho was sentenced to probation for the misdemeanor violation.
“Agents who are longtime border residents are often more susceptible to corruption because they often inherit networks of family members involved with organized crime, Customs officials say.
“Former Border Patrol agent Salomon Ruiz, convicted of corruption in 2009, had uncles who were longtime smugglers in the McAllen, Texas, area, and his father had been deported to Mexico for drug trafficking. Jesus Huizar, a Border Patrol agent convicted in 2008, partnered with his wife’s uncle, a known trafficker, in a human-smuggling scheme in El Paso.”


By now the picture is clear. It didn’t much matter who your uncle or father was … you could work for the Customs and Border Patrol.


And just how much criminality and corruption was there? According to the story,


132 Customs employees have been indicted or convicted on corruption-related charges, the majority from the Southwest border. Since 2006, the number of investigations has more than tripled, from 244 to about 870 last year, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General.”


According to a graphic provided by CFIR, those corrupt employees, or at least the 128 featured at its website, committed 212 offenses. Forty-five offenses involved drug smuggling. Second on the list of crimes was bribery, with 35 offenses, and then, naturally enough, comes “human smuggling” at 32 offenses. False statements (12), document fraud (9) and money laundering (6) are also among the offenses.


Almost all the corruption cases are in Texas (44), California (22) and Arizona (19), with nine in Florida. Seventy-six of 124 of the cases CFIR uncovered occurred between 2008 and 2011, and 47 of those 76 occurred since 2009; i.e., during the Obama Administration.


All very interesting. But reporters Becker and Marosi  left out one significant fact that is obvious from the mug shots of the guilty: At least 60 percent of them are Hispanic, judging from the surnames that appear when one rolls over the photos with his cursor on the CFIR website. (Click on the screenshot to go there.)


CBP Mugshots From CFIR


Granted, the gallery of crime features the occasional black fellow and an Arab or two; even a cat named Walter Golembiowski.


But at least 80 and perhaps as many as 85 of the 128 perps at CFIR’s website are obviously Hispanic. So as many as 66 percent of the culprits have something, one big thing, in common. The CFIR provides lists organized  by State, Gender, Agency, Years of service, Type of crime, Year, Age, and Duty station, but not national origin or ethnicity.


To their credit, Becker and Marosi  did not highlight Golembiowski, Wanda Hopkins, Kirk Washington or Natan Ben-Shabat.


Rather, they highlighted the men they should have: Alarid, Ruiz, Huizar and Yanez-Camacho. The faces are mostly brown; the names are mostly Hispanic.


Naturally, those reporters did not draw the obvious conclusion one might draw from this profile of corruption. They know what that conclusion is, of course, but would never permit themselves to entertain it, much less put it in writing.


So we at will: importing immigrants from a country where corruption and crime suffuse the culture inevitably means a concomitant increase in corruption and crime where the immigrants live and work.


And that includes the Border Patrol.


Amusingly, the LAT story quoted Alarid, who “wonders how he got the job. ‘If I was a background investigator, I wouldn’t have hired me,’ he said.”


A further obvious question: how many of these Hispanics would have landed jobs anyway, regardless of a background check—precisely because they are Hispanic, as part of the Obama Administration’s intensified drive to turn the civil service into a race-based spoils system.


Would the agency have rejected Alarid because his mother is a criminal?


Would the agency have rejected Ruiz because of his father and uncles?


We’ll report. You decide.


A.W. Morgan [Email him] is fully recovered from prolonged contact with the Beltway Right. He now lives in America.

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ALVARO AGUILAR CONTRERAS, EDUARDO RAMOS,Mexican Gangster from Mexifornia :

Update #2: OSP Traffic Stop Near Eugene Leads to Arrest of mexican Criminal Wanted Following Thursday Night Elude on Highway 101 near Oregon/California Border (Photo)ALVARO AGUILAR CONTRERAS, Wanted  EDUARDO RAMOS,Mexican Gangster from Mexifornia – Call Jerry Brown- maybe Ramos is taking Yoga on the taxpayers dime in California – just another barrio of Mexico

Oregon State Police– 10/23/11



A traffic stop south of Eugene by an Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper led to the arrest of a passenger who two days earlier eluded OSP and other law enforcement officers near the Oregon/California border along the coast. The alert trooper recognized the wanted man who was the subject of a Friday evening OSP news release and media reports.

On October 22, 2011 at approximately 9:00 p.m. Trooper Cale Day stopped a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado pickup driven by ALVARO AGUILAR CONTRERAS, age 26, for a speed violation northbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 187. While contacting the driver, Trooper Day saw the pickup contained five other passengers including a male subject who matched the description and photograph of EDUARDO RAMOS, age 22. RAMOS, who is from Smith River, California, was the subject of a Friday evening OSP news release and photograph distribution after he eluded OSP and other law enforcement officers from the Curry County, Oregon and Del Norte County, California areas Thursday night.

When Trooper Day asked the male passenger for his name he initially provided a false name and date of birth. Trooper Day contacted Trooper Jess Oliver, whom RAMOS had previously eluded from Thursday night. Their phone conversations during the course of the stop led to positively identifying RAMOS.

RAMOS was arrested and lodged in the Lane County Jail on an outstanding Parole Violation warrant out of Curry County. He was also cited for Furnishing False Information to a Police Officer. Additional charges are pending related to Thursday night’s incident.

AGUILAR CONTRERAS was cited and released for the speed violation.

The other occupants, RAMOS’ fiancé and mother, and two juveniles, were not cited for any violations.

The incident for which RAMOS was sought by OSP occurred October 20, 2011 at approximately 10:06 p.m. when Trooper Oliver attempted to stop a white 1993 Jeep Cherokee displaying California license plates after spotting it traveling 104 mph on Highway 101 near milepost 362 near Brookings. The Jeep’s driver failed to yield and attempted to elude the trooper recklessly southbound at speeds between 60 – 90 mph.

Shortly after crossing into California near Smith River, the Jeep slowed and its driver got out while the Jeep was still moving. The driver, later identified as EDUARDO RAMOS, age 22, from Smith River, California fled on foot near the Sunset by the Sea Trailer Park. The vehicle continued over an embankment into a field where it stopped.

Oliver chased RAMOS on foot through the trailer park and back toward Highway 101. Oliver ended the foot chase and awaited officers from California Highway Patrol, Del Norte County, California Sheriff’s Office, Curry County Sheriff’s Office, and a K-9 team from Brookings Police Department. The area search failed to find RAMOS.

Photograph – RAMOS

### ###

Attached Media Files: 2011-10/1002/48721/Eduardo_Ramos.JPG , 2011-10/1002/48721/102011.hwy101.elude.JPG

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Mexican Illegals Invaders Arrested in Upstate New York

Northern border agents see southern entrants, too

Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. — In upstate New York towns a short drive from the U.S.-Canadian border, federal agents, their numbers swelled by a post-Sept. 11 anti-terrorism strategy, have been a steady presence at train and bus stations and airports as they go about their duties securing the nation’s boundaries.

Arrests are up in the busy sector that stretches 400 miles from the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line north through western and northern New York. But not because more people are trying to sneak into the country from Canada.

In a geographical twist, agents attached to the northern border and the 100-mile zone around it have in some instances become de facto southern border agents, frequently arresting people who have entered the country through Texas, New Mexico or Arizona some 2,000 miles away, according to agency statistics reviewed by The Associated Press.

“You’re not going to find Mexicans coming in through Canada, generally,” Border Patrol spokeswoman Kerry Rogers said.

The records, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, show the Buffalo sector of the Border Patrol has become a perennial leader, among the eight segments that make up the 4,000-mile northern border, in the number of arrests of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. In 2008, 1,618 Mexicans were among 3,339 total arrests, a high for the decade for the Buffalo sector, which has led in total illegal immigrant apprehensions each year since 2007.

Arrests by Detroit-based agents also comprise a high percentage of detained Mexicans, statistics show. In 2008, 664 of 961 total apprehensions involved Mexicans. The number jumped to 1,196 out of 1,669 arrests in 2010. In the Swanton, Vt., sector, only 157 of 1,422 people apprehended last year were from Mexico.

Some rural areas of upstate New York have seen a marked increase in the population of Mexican- and Central American-born residents, illegal aliens who cost US taxpayers 17,000 a year based on each household ,…said Max Pfeffer, a Cornell University sociology professor and One factor is the number of agents. Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the number of officers assigned to the northern border has increased more than 650 percent, from about 340 in 2001 to more than 2,200 agents today, CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin told senators in May.

And in a December report, the government said the U.S.-Canada boundary poses a more significant terrorist threat than the southern border because of the expanse and limited law enforcement coverage. Last year, the U.S. spent $2.9 billion securing the northern border.


The Border Patrol say it deploys people based on risk and threats posed along the border and that transportation checks, based on intelligence, allow the agency to use staff more effectively, especially in areas with limited resources. Smugglers, the agency said, are known to use trains and buses to move people and drugs deeper into the country.

Court documents indicate illegal immigrant cases frequently begin when Border Patrol agents are called to help interpret at traffic stops or crime scenes. Each year since 1996, 107 to 149 cases have landed in U.S. District Court in Buffalo where defendants are federally charged because they were arrested after having been previously removed from the country, according to the district’s U.S. attorney’s office. Most have resulted in convictions.

A typical federal case is that of Eduardo Antonio Gonzalez-Valencia, a citizen of El Salvador who pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Rochester in July and was ordered deported.

Gonzalez-Valencia was arrested May 21 on a train at the Amtrak station in Rochester. According to court documents, a uniformed Border Patrol agent was performing transportation checks on the train and talking to passengers in what’s described as a “consensual, non-intrusive” manner. Gonzalez-Valencia produced an El Salvador passport and “freely stated that he was illegally present in the United States and without the proper immigration documentation,” the agent wrote in an affidavit.

He was arrested and a fingerprint check revealed he’d been arrested at Miami International Airport in 2002 with false documents and immediately returned to El Salvador. It’s unclear where he entered the country the second time; federal prosecutors don’t track point of entry.

During a recent visit to Buffalo, the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration said the government is balancing the need to welcome and serve those in the country legally while protecting the nation.

“Those different responsibilities are not exclusive of one another,” Alejandro Mayorkas said.


“There’s still the question of where did they come into the country. Did they come across the northern border?” she said. —Copyright 2011 Associated Press

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Illegal Mexican Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo Child Rapist Gets Free Kidney Treatments $300,000 a year

Illegal Mexican Rapist gets Free Kidney treatments Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo Yamhill County Rapist gets free Kidney Treatments

Update – due to a technicallity his insurance company was required to pay for his insurance. Too bad because this case might have mobilized Oregon into stopping the invasion from Mexico

Gustavo Rogelio Mercado_Murillo – Rapist of Little American Boys:
Inmate’s care tab breaks jail budget Illegal alien Rapist in the Yamhill county Jail, who is getting $300,000 in medical treatments. In Oregon , no one is allowed to ask for immigration papers- Illegals get whatever the want and they do too.


Given the severity of the charges against him, then, officials don’t want to let him go. “If we release this guy,” said Yamhill County Sheriff Jack Crabtree, “he’s going to split.” But they also don’t want him to stay. Three times a week, Mercado needs to be hooked up to a dialysis machine. That runs about $6,000 a week, not counting the cost of secure transportation to and from the Salem clinic. The Yamhill County Jail provides medical service to inmates, but it’s nothing fancy. In addition to keeping a doctor and several nurses on staff, the county budgets about $60,000 a year for dental care, psychiatric care, prescription drugs and hospital visits. Mercado’s care figures to run several times that all by itself. Crabtree said he’s not had a case like this since he was elected. “I’ve never even imagined this,” he said. “I’m geared up for a $50,000 heart attack, and that’s about it. This guy goes through that in a month.” As the mothers of the victims choked back tears in the third row of Judge Ronald Stone’s courtroom Wednesday, prosecutors said they were working with corrections officials and Mercado’s attorney, Janmarie Dielschneider of McMinnville, on a way to get the defendant close to the clinic while still keeping him secure. That would cut the expense some. Officials are talking with the Salem-based Stepping Out Ministries, which houses offenders working their way back into the community following incarceration. No juveniles are allowed on the site. Spokesman Steve Silver said the facility controls 12,500 square feet of space in a former nursing home. Staff is on site 24 hours a day, although the doors are not locked. Yamhill County Community Corrections Director Richard Sly said officials were considering “rigorous guidelines” under which Mercado could live there, which would include wearing a security bracelet and GPS monitoring. That wouldn’t solve the medical issue, but it would go a long way toward solving the transportation issue. Crabtree said officials are considering a number of options, but they don’t include any outright release. Today, Crabtree said, Mercado is scheduled to undergo his fourth treatment on the county tab. He’s due back Saturday, then Tuesday. “Any time somebody goes to jail, they lose their insurance, and I’m on the hook for their medical bills,” Crabtree said. Stone said he’d give officials a couple more days to negotiate an agreement and hold another meeting on the issue Friday. “Whatever we decide, we will decide Friday,” he said. “I am inclined to do this if we can do it safely.”
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Man given 75 years for sex abuse of children

Likely life sentence – Prosecutors say there may have been as many as 10 victims

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Associated Press

McMINNVILLE — A judge in Yamhill County has sentenced a man to what’s likely to be a life term in prison for the sexual abuse of preteen children.

Gustavo Mercado-Murillo pleaded no contest to eight felony charges involving three boys and two girls younger than 10. The charges included sodomy, rape and sexual penetration with a foreign object. Prosecutors believe there were at least twice that many victims from four different families.

Prosecutor Erin Greenawald said Mercado tortured his victims in unspeakable ways.


“On the spectrum of horrible, this case is on the outer edge,” she said.

“The sentence does not scrape the surface of what he deserves. The incidents were numerous and habitual. He had a captive group,” she added.

“He’s greatly sorry for the grief, sadness and agony he has brought upon his family,” countered defense attorney Janmarie Dielschneider. “But he does not believe what he did rises to the level of criminal conduct.”

Mercado is 31. Judge Cal Tichenor sentenced him Friday to 75 years without the possibility of early release.

Mercado, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, has kidney disease and undergoes dialysis that costs taxpayers about $300,000 a year. He does not have a long life expectancy.

Before his April 10 arrest, his treatments were being covered by the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool, which insures children and adults who have been denied coverage elsewhere because of a pre-existing condition.

As the pool’s contract insurer, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon handles eligibility, enrollment and claims issues. When Mercado was arrested, the pool cut him off.

That put Yamhill County in a difficult position.

It feared he would flee to Mexico if released, and thus escape punishment for his crimes. But it also feared his costly care would break the jail’s precariously balanced budget.

Then county officials discovered pool regulations allow a cutoff in coverage only when a patient “becomes an in-patient or inmate at an Oregon correctional or mental institution,” which they construed to exclude a county jail. And they eventually prevailed.


In prison, responsibility for his care will simply pass from one arm of state government to another.

Mercado’s wife, pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, sobbed when defense attorney Dielschneider explained the sentence.

Through an interpreter, Mercado denied he had actually committed the crimes he pleaded no contest to and said the people who support him know that.

Dielschneider said Mercado understood that pleading no contest was the same as pleading guilty and that there would have been enough evidence for a jury to convict him of more counts.

She said she had advised him, “Say your prayers and ask God to have mercy on your soul.”

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Perhaps what we need is public hangings in the town squares of our cities ,across the nation, of any illegal alien arrested and convicted on U.S. soil?




Published: April 17, 2008 Mercado: Needs dialysis
By DAVID BATES Of the News-Register
Until late last week, Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo’s health insurance paid for his weekly kidney dialysis treatments. Now the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office pays for it. Mercado was in Yamhill County Circuit Court on Wednesday, accompanied by an entourage of officials grappling with an unusual and expensive problem. The 31-year-old McMinnville resident is charged with four counts of first-degree sodomy and three counts of first-degree sexual abuse in a case allegedly involving three boys under the age of 10. He is an illegal alien from mexico.



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Darling American Boy Christopher “Buddy” Rowe Murdered by Drunk Illegal Mexican Marcos Lopez Garcia, : Mexifornia

Unsafe Streets: Child Killed in California Crosswalk by Illegal Alien

A little four-year-old boy was struck by a car in a Santa Rosa crosswalk Thursday afternoon as he walked to soccer practice with his mom and two sisters, one of whom was his twin. He died the next morning in the hospital.

Christopher “Buddy” Rowe (pictured) was hit by a man driving a Honda Accord who then sped off. Fortunately a local resident, Leroy Flach, heard about the hit-and-run on his police scanner and spotted the car, whose driver switched off into a Volvo driven by a woman. Flach got the license number and the driver was quickly arrested, due to the attention of a concerned citizen.

The driver turned out to be an illegal alien, Marcos Lopez Garcia, who had two prior arrests for driving without a license. The most recent arrest was just five days before the hit-and-run; at that time Garcia was merely told not to drive until his court appearance in October — rather than be deported.

Why should any illegal alien be left in this country to endanger public safety when he has shown himself to have no respect for American law or sovereignty? Why do we even have police if they no longer enforce one law for all? In America today, the illegal alien is a special person who is not required to obey the law as we little citizens must.

You can see more about Buddy at his family’s remembrance website, ChristopherBuddyRowe.

4-year-old hit-run victim in Santa Rosa identified, San Francisco Chronicle, August 22, 2011

Authorities have identified the 4-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Santa Rosa last week while walking to soccer practice with his mother, his twin sister and his 6-year-old sister.

Christopher “Buddy” Rowe was hit at about 6 p.m. Thursday at West Ninth Street and Rockwell Place near Jacobs Park in Santa Rosa. He clung to life at Children’s Hospital Oakland, his family said in a statement today, but “his heart finally gave way” Friday morning.

“Little Buddy will be remembered as an energetic, curious, active young boy who was also kind, compassionate and caring, especially with his twin sister,” the family said. “We will always remember his ever-present smile, beautiful steel blue eyes and peace-loving nature.

“The man who stole Buddy’s life from us will be one day free,” the family said, “but we will always carry the burden of losing him forever.”

Christopher and his family were crossing West Ninth in a marked crosswalk when he was hit by a westbound Honda Accord, police said. The car drove away from the intersection, which has no stop signs or signals.

Soon, a 47-year-old Santa Rosa man named Leroy Flach – who heard about the crash on his police scanner – spotted the car at Finley Park, less than a mile from the crash. He said he had called police after he saw the driver peeling off an orange San Francisco Giants decal from the rear window.

The man got into a silver Volvo driven by a woman, Flach said. He relayed the license plate number to police, who by 8 p.m. had found and arrested Marcos Lopez Garcia, 22, who lives near Jacobs Park. Prosecutors were expected to file charges today.

Garcia is being held without bail because federal officials suspect him of being an illegal immigrant. He does not have a driver’s license, records show, and has two previous arrests for driving without one. Five days before the crash, police said, he was told not to drive until a court appearance in October.

Christopher is survived by his parents, James Rowe Jr. and Michelle Rowe, his older sister, Mimi, and his twin sister, Julia, as well as grandparents, uncles and cousins.

A memorial service is scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday at St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Santa Rosa.

The family asks that condolences and donations be sent to the Christopher Rowe Memorial Fund, 1007 West College Ave., No. 313, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. For more information, go to

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Obama Began Amnesty 2009 Gave Illegal aliens in Seattle Work Permits

obama began amnesty over two years ago and no one stopped him – august 19 obama granted amnesty to more than 20 million illegal aliens plus anyone else who wants to jump the border. only sustained mass outrage will stop him

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Postville Raid Delayed Because of Clinton

Postville Raid Delayed Because of Politics

Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 1:42 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA



Retired federal agent Estela Biesemeyer said that the federal government was ready to deal with illegal hirings at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa in 2000 before the operation was delayed for fear that it might impact the 2000 presidential elections. The raid eventually took place in 2008 and resulted in the arrest of more than 400 illegal workers.

According to Biesemeyer, vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman was friends with the plant’s owners, and the Clinton Administration pulled the plug on the operation because they feared how it would impact the elections. In the following years, the meatpacking plant was able to hire hundreds of more illegal workers before Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted what would become the largest immigraiton-related raid in U.S. history at the time.

Biesemeyer ran the Des Moines office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 2000 and was charged with leading the raid in Postville. She said the plans were made and search warrants were acquired before the Administraiton canceled the raid.

Biesemeyer did not indicate that Sen. Lieberman played a role in cancelling the raid, and a spokesman for the Senator said he did not interfere.

For more information on this story, see the Des Moines Register

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Barack Obama _Justice Department & 16 Latin Countries File Suit Against Alabama Immigration Enforcement Law

  • 16 Countries Side with Justice Department in Lawsuit Against Alabama



Friday, August 5, 2011, 1:26 PM EDT – posted on Numbersusa  

 Damned Nervy of them, 16 latin countries that are exporting their poor to steal and leach off of Americans, intervening in our laws. If they want to protect their people, send them home and provide jobs for them. We need protection from all the rapist criminals they send us.

Sixteen Hispanic Latin countries, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican
Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua,
Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay

, have filed briefs supporting the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Alabama’s recently passed immigration enforcement law. In June, the Alabama legislature passed a bill that many believe is tougher than Arizona’s SB1070 bill that also drew a lawsuit from federal prosecutors last year. According to the attorney who filed the briefs, the 16 countries “want one immigration law and not 50.”In addition to the Justice Department, the Roman Catholic Church, ACLU, and National Immigration Law Center have all filed suits against the state.“Mexico has an interest in protecting its citizens and ensuring that
their ethnicity is not used as basis for state-sanctioned acts of bias
and discrimination,” the brief filed by the 16 countries said.The Justice Department claims that Alabama’s law oversteps federal authority by trying to enforce federal immigration laws.Alabama’s law includes provisions that require all businesses in the state to use E-Verify or face suspension of their business licenses. A recent Supreme Court decision upheld an Arizona law that did the same thing. But federal courts have ruled many provisions of Arizona’s SB1070, which provided the model for Alabama’s law, as unconstitutional. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has vowed to bring the fight to the Supreme Court.In addition to Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican
Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua,
Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are listed on the brief.  

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In Oregon case, Eusiquio Illegal Mexican Migrant’s word is enough to get birth certificate for anchor baby son, court says

Jim Ludwick, communications director for Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said obtaining an Oregon birth certificate should require more than someone’s word. His group advocates for ending illegal immigration and favors improved border security.

This is how Oregon got their “Legal Mexicans ” ( NOT) in Woodburn etc Forest Grove etc. Migrants came from Mexico on temporary work visas, had babie or brought them and refused to self deport.

In Oregon case, Eusiquio Illegal Mexican Migrant’s word is enough to get birth certificate for anchor baby son, court says

Deport Eusiquio

Published: Saturday, July 23, 2011, 10:17 PM By Noelle Crombie, Jim Ludwick, communications director for Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said obtaining an Oregon birth certificate should require more than someone’s word. His group advocates for ending illegal immigration and favors improved border security.

Nicolaza Eusiquio was living in a North Plains-area migrant camp in January 2005 when she gave birth to a boy — an event attended only by her cousin. Eusiquio received no prenatal care and sought no medical attention after her son’s birth. For months afterward, Eusiquio hardly left her cousin’s home.

She sought a birth certificate from the Oregon Center for Health Statistics more than a year later, offering only her word and that of her cousin as proof that the boy was born here.

The state registrar turned down Eusiquio’s request for a delayed birth certificate — certificates issued more than a year after birth — saying the mother needed documentation showing she was in Oregon at the time of her child’s birth. A Marion County Circuit Court agreed; Eusiquio’s son was not entitled to an Oregon birth certificate.

But earlier this year, in a highly unusual case, the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned the lower court’s decision, saying statements from Eusiquio and her cousin were proof enough. It sent the case back to the trial court and, in essence, ordered that Eusiquio’s son be issued an Oregon birth certificate.

On its face, the 10-page opinion is technical, dry and deals mostly with a detailed history of vital records rules in Oregon. But legal experts say the case underscores a birth certificate’s growing importance as a gateway to American society in a post-9/11 world. Americans increasingly need birth certificates to do everything from obtain a driver’s license to enroll in school.

And it comes at a time when some politicians have suggested that babies born in the United States to parents who are here illegally shouldn’t automatically be U.S. citizens.


Cunningham-Parmeter, who has expertise in immigration and employment law, pointed to two bills that failed in the Oregon Legislature last session that were aimed at undocumented immigrants. One would have allowed them to pay in-state tuition at public universities, and the other would have granted alternative Oregon driver’s licenses. Since 2008, Oregon has required people to prove they are U.S. citizens to get a driver’s license.

At the heart of both bills was a person’s ability to prove where he or she was born.

Jim Ludwick, communications director for Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said obtaining an Oregon birth certificate should require more than someone’s word.

“For someone to claim without any hospital certification or any medical records or anything like that that their child was born here is to me absolutely crazy,” said Ludwick, whose group advocates for ending illegal immigration and improved border security.

“We have a situation in our country where government officials, whether they are judges or legislators, have no sense of what it means to be a citizen,” he said. “They basically want to open the border to anybody who wants to come here, regardless of their intention, and this seems like another way of doing that.”

Mother says cousin was only witness to birth


According to the appellate ruling, Eusiquio told a Marion County judge that she gave birth to her son in a migrant camp near North Plains on Jan. 22, 2005. She told the judge that she lived at the camp from November 2004 through February 2005 with her cousin Rosaura Hernandez, and she later moved to Washington. She said she worried her son’s father would be arrested if authorities were told that he had fathered a child. Only Hernandez was present when the boy was born.

Hernandez corroborated Eusiquio’s account.

Eusiquio conceded she lacked any documentation that would verify she was in Oregon at the time of the boy’s birth, the ruling states.

The ruling does not cite Eusiquio’s immigration status. Brenda Bradley, a lawyer with Legal Aid of Oregon, argued the case before the appellate court. She declined to comment on the case and the ruling. Eusiquio, reached through her lawyer, also declined to comment.

Tony Green, a spokesman for the Oregon attorney general’s office, said in an emailed statement that the ruling is “very narrow” and limited to the facts in this case. He said the state does not plan to appeal.


For a delayed birth certificate for a child younger than 6, the state requires two notarized affidavits: one signed by a parent and the other by someone with knowledge of the birth. The state also requires proof of the mother’s residence at the time of the child’s birth and the mother’s identification.

People tend to ask for birth certificates when they realize they need them for other official documents, such as driver’s licenses.

Effects on poor, marginalized cited

Though the ruling doesn’t have far-reaching practical implications — the state issued just 47 delayed birth certificates out of more than 45,000 in 2010 — those it does affect tend to be poor and marginalized, said Juliet Stumpf, a Lewis & Clark Law School professor who teaches civil procedure and immigration law.

“I think the people it could affect are some of the most vulnerable populations of our society,” said Stumpf, citing migrant workers, people without access to regular medical care, teenage mothers and even women who give birth at home.

Added Cunningham-Parmeter: “Just imagine if this mother had been a privileged white woman doing a home birth and the only witnesses were her mother and midwife. The state issues those birth certificates all the time. But now we have a Latina working in a migrant camp and suddenly the state has questions.

“I think the appellate court sensed the double standard here and was right to correct it.”

“This is a gateway document,” she said. “It’s going to mean the kid can go to school. It means the kid can get vaccinated. … He exists.”


Related topics: birth certificate, immigration

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End Birthright Citizenship in the United States: No More Anchor Babies

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Weiner -Holder for President 2012 !Anti-American Workers Congressman Weiner Resigns over Penis Flashing

Before his Penis got him kicked out of Congress , the weiner was  selling out the American People for his career.This couldn’t have happened to a Better Couple; Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, is devoted to Hilary Clinton , another traitor to the American people and pro amnesty.

 Immigration reform is a code word for amnesty, like the one in 1986 that didnt work.

Rep Weiner on President Obama’s Immigration Speech

Continued GOP Opposition Will Relegate Them “To a Future as a Minority or Fringe Party in An Increasingly Diverse Nation”

Today, with President Obama travelling to the border city of El Paso, Texas to deliver a speech on the need for immigration reform, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens and Brooklyn) released the following statement:

“President Obama is right to push for immigration reform. He understands it is vital to the fabric of our nation and the strength of our economy that we address the sorry state of our immigration laws.”

“Unfortunately, although the solution is rather simple and has been on the table for years, Republicans have succeeded in making the politics white hot.”

“If the GOP wants to be the party of demagoguery and hate, they will continue to tie up this job-creating reform.”

“But then they relegate themselves to a future as a minority or fringe party in an increasingly diverse nation.”

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Illegal Aliens Self Deport! Alabama Governor Robert Bentley today signed legislation (HB 56States Pass E-Verify Laws

States Pass E-Verify Laws

Several states have passed legislation requiring employers to use E-Verify. E-Verify is an employment verification tool managed by the Department of Homeland Security that uses information from the Social Security Administration and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to determine an applicant’s eligibility to work.

Ala. Governor Signs Strong Immigration-Enforcement LawThursday, June 9, 2011, 12:19 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA  Alabama Governor Robert Bentley today signed legislation (HB 56) that requires the use of E-Verify by all employers in the state. The law also gives Alabama some the strongest illegal-immigration enforcement tools in the country.Sen. Scott Beason, the Senate sponsor of HB 56, said, “This is a jobs bill. We have a problem with an illegal workforce that displaces Alabama workers. We need to put those people back to work. That’s the No.1 priority.” Rep. Micky Hammon, the measure’s original sponsor, said the bill was carefully drafted to be sound constitutionally.The law requires all businesses, public and private, to begin using E-Verify effective April 1, 2012. Businesses that do not comply face suspension of its business license and loss of employee expensing for state income tax purposes. All state and local businesses must be in compliance by Jan. 1, 2012 or face loss of business license and contract.The law calls for assisting small business compliance with the E-Verify requirement by establishing an E-Verify designated agent that can check new hires on the behalf of businesses that employ fewer than 25 employees.Other provisions within the law will:

  • Create an affirmative defense against business penalties if E-Verify is used;

  • Prohibit lawsuits against businesses that fire an employee due to an E-Verify final non-confirmation determination;

  • Require state and local governments to use the SAVE system to verify public-benefits eligibility for those attesting to be non-citizens;

  • Create a misdemeanor for failure to carry an alien registration document;

  • Require police, after a lawful stop and when practicable, to check a person’s immigration status if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person is illegally present. 4th Amendment protections are included and the status-check requirement is stayed for persons who are crime victims or witnesses;

  • Create misdemeanors for seeking day-laborer work when illegal present and hiring illegally-present day laborers;

  • Create misdemeanors for aiding and abetting illegal aliens;

  • Ban illegal aliens from state universities and colleges; and

  • Prohibit illegal-alien sanctuary policies;

  • Require the Attorney General to apply for a 287(g) MOU for state police;

  • Create a crime for producing fake IDs; and

  • Require elementary and secondary schools to request a birth certificate for all enrolling students and to determine whether such children were born outside of the U.S. or are children of illegal aliens requiring English-as-a-Second-language classes. Also requires the collection of statistics and a determination of the costs related to illegal-alien students.








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Anchor Babies

Anchor Babies


The children born in the United States to illegal alien mothers are often referred to as “anchor babies.” Under current practice, these children are U.S. citizens at birth, simply because they were born on U.S. soil. They are called anchor babies because, as U.S. citizens, they become eligible to sponsor for legal immigration most of their relatives, including their illegal alien mothers, when they turn 21 years of age, thus becoming the U.S. “anchor” for an extended immigrant family.

While there is no formal policy that forbids DHS from deporting the illegal alien parents of children born in the U.S., they rarely are actually deported. In some cases, immigration judges make exceptions for the parents on the basis of their U.S.-born children and grant the parents legal status. In many cases, though, immigration officials choose not to initiate removal proceedings against illegal aliens with U.S.-born children, so they simply remain here illegally.

Thus, the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens not only represent additional U.S. population growth, but act as ‘anchors’ to eventually pull a large number of extended family members into the country legally. In fact, an entire industry has built up around the U.S. system of birthright citizenship. Thousands of pregnant women who are about to deliver come to the United States each year from countries as far away as South Korea and as near as Mexico so that they can give birth on U.S. soil. Some come legally as temporary visitors; others enter illegally. Once the child is born, they get a U.S. birth certificate and passport for the child, and their future link to this country is established and irreversible

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San Francisco Refuses to Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens

Hurry up and move to San Francisco , all criminal illegal aliens. They deserve you.

San Francisco, one of the first sanctuary cities in the nation, plans to end its cooperation with federal immigration officials and start releasing illegal immigrants arrested for minor offenses before they can be picked up for deportation.

San Francisco to Stop Detaining Arrested Immigrants for Deportation –

zolar is online now  
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Senate 1 888 978 3094 S744 gives 50 million to advise illegals (in detention on how to get amnesty)

Senate 1 888 978 3094 S744 gives 50 million to advise illegals (in detention on how to get amnesty)
Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 9:51 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

In the wee hours of the morning, the Senate Gang of Eight sar4introduced their massive, 844-page bill that includes an amnesty for most of the 11-18 million illegal aliens, increases in both legal immigration and guest-worker visas, and promises of border security that have repeatedly been broken since the 1986 amnesty. CALL YOUR TWO U.S. SENATORS TODAY and urge them to oppose S.744! You can call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at 1-888-978-3094.

The immigration bill calls for $50 million in public funds to ADVISE illegal aliens who are in detention centers in the U. S. Hopefully, before it comes to a vote some responsible media will report that it’s going to cost 3.5 Trillion dollars to implement and it will destroy the U. S. economy. I think it’s not too harsh to tell our legislators this bill is a crime against the American Middle and Working classes.
The 18 million number that some suggest as an estimate of the number of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. is equivalent to the population of 14 U.S. states.
(Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, South Dakota, Alaska, North Dakota, and Vermont.)In other words, the government has allowed the illegal populations to swell to the size of 14 additional states. That means that every citizen not only has to compete for jobs here with citizens of the 50 states, but also an additional 14 state’s worth of workers from another country.To add insult to injury, the government of the U.S. is demanding its own citizen’s pay the bill to provide the infrastructure (school, roads. services) for an illegal population the size of 14 existing U.S. states. As a final betrayal, the government has decided that U.S. citizen’s should pay for the healthcare and school and social costs of these 18 million law breakers. The government’s forcing amnesty on the U.S. citizen taxpayers will break the middle class.This is nothing less than betrayal. The government is now dictating to its citizens, and forcing through an agenda that is directly opposed to the best interests of its citizens.

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Breaking News: It’s All Bad:Gang of Eight Legislation Includes Amnesty and Massive Increases to Legal Immigration and Guest-Worker Programs

  • Gang of Eight Legislation Includes Amnesty and Massive Increases to Legal Immigration and Guest-Worker Programs
    Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 4:33 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

    The Gang of Eight released a 17-page summary today of their “comprehensive immigration reform” bill, detailing a path to citizenship for most of the nation’s 11-18 million illegal aliens and massive increases in legal immigration. The bill could result in an additional 15 million green cards being issued in the first 10 years above and beyond the 1.1 million green cards that are currently issued each year. That would result in more than a 50% increase in legal immigration over the first decade after the bill’s passage.

    Illegal aliens currently living in the United States would be eligible for legalization and Registered Provisional Immigration Status (RPI) if they meet certain requirements. The amnesty process begins once the Department of Homeland Security submits a plan to Congress and claims to commence that plan to secure the Southern Border.

    The bill authorizes $3 billion to DHS for securing the border and an additional $1.5 billion for a border fence. DHS has 180 days from the bill’s passage to submit its plan.

    Nothing in the outline indicates that Congress has to actually approve the plan submitted by DHS

    Continue reading

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Mexican La Raza Senator Rubio Accelerates Push for Amnesty

Sen. Rubio Accelerates Push for Amnesty
Monday, April 15, 2013, 9:13 AM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sen. Rubio
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appeared on most of the Sunday morning talk shows to begin building his case to grant an amnesty to the nation’s 11-18 million illegal aliens. Rubio’s said individuals that are in the country illegally will be allowed to apply for legal status and work permits if they meet certain requirements, and they’ll be allowed to apply for citizenship once a few enforcement provisions kick in.

Rubio tried to defend his plan by saying it’s not an amnesty.

“That is not amnesty…Amnesty is the forgiveness of something,” Sen. Rubio told Fox News.

“I think it’s important to understand it does not give anything,” he told ABC’s “This Week”. “It allows people access to the legal immigration system. Number two, some people won’t qualify. They haven’t been here long enough; they’ve committed very serious crimes. They won’t be able to stay. Number three is all people will get an opportunity to apply for things, to apply for a legal status, which isn’t awarded on day one.

“And after some period of time, over 10 years that’s elapsed, the only thing you will get – assuming that the border is secure, that e-verify is in place, that an entry exit system is in place for tracking visas, then the only thing you get is the chance to apply for a green card, like everybody else does.”

Calling out Sen. Rubio’s plan, Sen Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) also appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and said the plan is an amnesty because it rewards individuals that come to the United States illegally with the ability to stay. After Sen. Rubio’s many appearances, Sen. Sessions issued a press release also characterizing the plan as an amnesty.

“When the Gang of Eight was first formed a publicly stated principle was the enforcement would come first–before legalization,” Sen. Sessions said. “Today, on the Sunday shows, Gang of Eight members admitted that they abandoned this principle and that, in fact, legalization–or amnesty–would come first. This proposal offers immediate legalization with unfulfilled promises of enforcement in the future.”

The Gang of Eight’s plan would grant amnesty to many of the 11-18 million illegal aliens by allowing them to continue to live and work in the U.S. The only step that supposedly hinges on increased enforcement is a path to citizenship, but by allowing millions of illegal aliens to keep their present jobs or grant access to new ones would put them in direct competition with 20 million Americans who can’t find full-time work.

“Another area of great concern in this proposal is the impact it will have on low-income Americans and those individuals and communities suffering from chronic underemployment… Including those illegal immigrants that are legalized, this bill, over ten years, will result in at least 30 million new foreign workers–more than the entire population of Texas,” Sen. Sessions said.

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Mexican Gangs with Guns Vancouver Washington Gang affiliate arrested for Attempt Murder II / Econ lodge Motel shooting investigation

No matter what happens they never comment or check for the immigration status of mexicans. Did you know that in February 2013 , Obama released 10,000 illegal mexicans into the USA to save the taxpayers money?Image

Gang affiliate arrested for Attempt Murder II / Econ lodge Motel shooting investigation
Vancouver Police Dept. – 03/12/13

On January 26 2013 Vancouver Police responded to the Econo Lodge Motel 601 Broadway St Vancouver, WA for a male subject who sustained a gunshot wound to his head. Investigation revealed, the paid occupant of the room an Elena Espinoza a 24 year old female and known gang associate called 911 after returning to her room on this date to report a male subject unknown to her was in her room bleeding and claimed he had been shot. The male victim was transported to the Hospital and is expected to recover.
 ( sadly we get to pay for mexican crime)

The South West Washington inter-agency Safe Streets gang Task force assumed the investigation. SSTF consist of Vancouver Police, Clark County Sheriffs Office, Washington State Department of corrections and the FBI. During the investigation SSTF was able to establish probable cause for the arrest of Attempted Murder II on Angelino Pena who is a known gang associate with extensive criminal history. Angelino is 30 years old and resides in Vancouver. His latest conviction was in 2011 for Unlawful possession of a firearm where he served prison time and was released in October 2012.
Today March 12, 2013 a search warrant was secured for the arrest of Angelino Pena. SW Washington SWAT team executed the warrant at 3115 Bridge Street where Angelino was taken into custody. Angelino Pena was booked into Clark County Jail for Attempt Murder II. Weapons (guns) were recovered from inside the house but it is unknown at this time if they were weapons used in the assault. Image

Elena Espinoza was also charged and booked on Friday March 8th for Rendering Criminal Assistance I. It was determined that she was present and had involvement in incident.

 the police are honoring the request of some illegal mexican or trashy anchor baby who does nothing but cause crime by being  in a gang?

The victim of this incident is requesting not to be named. He is still recovering from his injury. Due to the nature of the investigation and the persons involved we are honoring his request and ask members of the media to do the same. ImageImage

Please contact Kim Kapp for any additional details

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Google’s Doodle Sucks International Women’s Day Racist Dani Countryman Day

womens_day_2013-1055007-hpGoogle once again proves how racist against Whites it is. The black and muslim women and lesbians are on top , suggesting dominance, while the normal looking white women are on the bottom row.

dani_countryman2There are no accidents. Just another bullshit day, but it should be about Dani Countryman, a 15 year old girl , white, who was murdered while fighting off a gang rape by two illegal mexican males, working illegally in Oregon. The media trashed  Dani rather then the two mexican males.

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Ron Tomkin Acura Portland Hires Illegal Mexicans Not Legal Americans ICE Raid

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Immigration raid: Town’s Hispanics [Illegals] shutter businesses,

Immigration raid: Town’s Hispanics [Illegals] shutter businesses, scatter By NIGEL DUARA Des Moines Register May 13, 2008 Postville, Ia. – The phone calls started at 5 a.m. They carried the same message: Immigration was coming. (So who tipped them off?) Paul Real, a lay pastor at the Ministerio Hispano, said his phone was ringing off the hook. “Calls have been flying around,” he said Monday morning. “There are rumors everywhere.” Twelve hours later, Hispanic businesses in downtown Postville were shuttered. Locks held the door at El Sabor Latino grocery store and restaurant. Bowls of chips and salsa were abandoned along with a half- empty bottle of Coke. (No wonder illegal aliens are so fat) At the Postville Bakery and Restaurant – which also goes by La Panederia y Pasteleria – a sign in the doorway said, “We will be closed at 11 a.m. today.” The Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid at the Agriprocessors Inc. plant scattered the Hispanics of Postville. About 400 found their way to St. Bridget’s Catholic Church, waiting for information. Some filled out G-28 forms that allow a lawyer to represent their detained children or minors in their care. (Tax exempt status for any church that Enables or assists illegal aliens should be revoked.Maybe if they paid full taxes they Wouldn’t be such traitors to the US.) A woman who would identify herself only as Judy said she and her husband work at Agriprocessors. The last time she saw him was before his shift Monday, about 5:30 a.m. “No, I don’t know where he is,” she said in Spanish. Judy said she and her husband came from Mexico illegally. Like many others at St. Bridget’s, they regard the church as a haven from law enforcement. (What an attitude. have they ever considered living in their own country and following the laws?) Asked whether the church would indeed be a safe place, Sister Mary McCauley of St. Bridget’s said, “That is our belief and hope.” “It’s a place to get family convened,” she said. The Postville Community School District assembled all its Hispanic students to ensure they each had a parent or caregiver at home. (Probably all the students were anchor babies and illegal aliens. It is that bad these days) Superintendent David Strudhoff said those whose parents could be located would be allowed to go home. For the rest, elementary and middle-schoolers were paired with high school students and separated into groups. Sitting on the floor, surrounded by 12 children, a counselor who declined to be identified tried to determine which children needed to be sent home. “What’s your name? Where do you need to go?” she asked one. To another, “You’re safe at the church.” By Monday night, all of the kids at the church had been paired with parents or caregivers. Care workers brought fruit juice, diapers, Cheetos and animal crackers to St. Bridget’s. Alma Gonzalez’s 2-year-old, Pedro, munched happily on a plate stocked high with chips. “We don’t know anything right now,” she said. Gonzalez said her husband works on a farm in Monona. She went to the church because she came to this country illegally from Guatemala and thought St. Bridget’s would be safe. Eight months pregnant, she’s due to have a girl in June. (Please deport her before she pops out that anchor baby!) Standing outside the Agriprocessors plant, Adolfo Calderon said he tried to put himself in the shoes of someone here illegally. He has friends who work at the plant, he said, most of whom are in America legally, but he feared for the families who might be separated. “They shouldn’t do this,” Calderon said. “I understand it’s a legal (issue) and they’re trying to do their job, but what happens to these poor families?” (The illegals came here knowing they were illegal and manipulated the system So they could work the Catholic Guilt fulltime. Yes, they should deport illegals and their kids back to their own countries) Adolfo Calderon, 15, said his father manages apartments in the town. With the raid, those apartments could be cleared out and his father could be put out of business. (Exactly! Does everyone know that legal renters in the US Pay higher rent because of the illegal aliens filling up apartment buildings?) Hidie Roach,(hahahah) a teller at Citizens State Bank in Postville, said the raid gives the town a bad name. (Yes, illegals have the habit of ruining places- like Woodburn Oregon. Maybe they should change it to Cockroachville or Breederville. The town needs the packing plant, Roach said. “I think a lot of people will leave.” So, and what is wrong with that? At St. Bridget’s on Monday night, Real, the lay pastor, fielded calls, answered questions and handed out pamphlets advising immigrants of their rights while trying to keep about 400 people clothed, sheltered and fed. His wife, holding the phone to her ear, said a caller was offering food. Did they need it? Real, without looking up from his desk, answered quickly. “Say yes.”

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Moji Momeni Iranian Immigrant slumlord in Beaverton Oregon arrested for demanding blow-jobs of female tenants – now a sex offender

 fact : Moji Momeni, slumlord, has a scholarship fund that can only be used by Iranians.Talk about discrimination.

Iranian Immigrant slumlord in Beaverton Oregon arrested for demanding blow-jobs of female tenants – now a sex offender he should be deported instead

 Moji Momeni

Landlord accused of sexually abusing tenant: A community leader allegedly abused a woman late with her rent

— Landlord sexually abused tenant, county judge rules: A woman behind on her rent testifies that the Beaverton man took advantage of her plight

, Oct. 24, 2006 — Landlord who sexually abused mentally ill tenant gets 45 days: The judge contrasts the man’s good works and problems with women tenants

Moji Momeni

BEAVERTON — A Beaverton landlord and community leader has been accused of forcing a single mother who was late with her rent to perform sexual acts.

Moji Momeni, 49, was indicted by a Washington County grand jury on two counts of second-degree sexual abuse in connection with a December incident. He turned himself in Tuesday and was released after posting $1,000 bond.

Momeni, a former volunteer on a state board reviewing foster care cases and a Beaverton committee dealing with land-use issues, faced similar accusations in 1997.

Officer Mark Hyde, Beaverton Police Department spokesman, said Wednesday that the most recent accusations are from a woman, 37, who rented an apartment from Momeni.

The woman told police she went to Momeni’s office in the 12100 block of Southwest Longhorn Lane on Dec. 17 to discuss her overdue rent. According to Hyde, she said Momeni asked for a hug after they reached an agreement on payment. The woman told investigators that Momeni fondled her before forcing her to perform oral sex.

In 1997, Momeni was charged with third-degree sexual abuse after another single mother who was late with her rent accused him of trying to fondle her. The charges were dismissed in 1998 before the case went to trial.

Court records indicate charges were dropped because of a civil compromise in the case, which indicated Momeni paid the woman outside court to settle her complaint.

The Beaverton man is listed as the owner of more than 15 properties, many of them multifamily residences, in Beaverton.

Momeni is a past member of the Beaverton Committee for Citizen Involvement — a group that deals with land-use issues in the city.

Momeni is a past member of the Citizen Review Board of the Office of the State Court Administrator.

Momeni also has been active in the Iranian-American community. He was praised in an article written by a staff member of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs.

Momeni’s attorney, Stephen A. Houze, said Momeni pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. Houze declined to comment further, saying he thought it was “inappropriate” for anyone to say anything before the case goes to court.

HILLSBORO — A judge ruled Thursday that a prominent Beaverton landlord is guilty of sexually abusing a former tenant who was behind in her rent.

Moji Momeni, 50, is a powerful man who repeatedly preyed on women who were vulnerable because they were poor, mentally ill or otherwise defenseless, said Jeff Lesowski, a Washington County senior deputy district attorney.

Momeni was convicted of two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. He faces as much as one year in jail, although the presumptive sentence is probation, Lesowski said.

Washington County Circuit Judge Marco Hernandez said the case came down to the credibility of the victim, a disabled 38-year-old mother of three who was separated from her husband and facing financial struggles.

The woman testified that she went to Momeni’s office in December after he threatened to evict her. He forced her to perform a sex act with the implicit understanding that she wouldn’t have to pay her rent of $575.

Three former tenants, all women, testified during the two-day bench trial that Momeni made inappropriate comments to them and touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. None of those instances resulted in criminal charges.

In addition, Momeni was charged in 1997 with third-degree sexual abuse after another woman who was late with her rent accused him of trying to fondle her. The charges were dismissed in 1998 before the case went to trial.

Court records indicate charges were dropped because of a civil compromise in the case, which indicated Momeni paid the woman outside court to settle her complaint.

HILLSBORO — A judge sentenced a Beaverton landlord on Monday to 45 days in jail for sexually abusing a mentally ill former tenant..

Hernandez convicted Momeni on Oct. 5 of two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. The victim testified that she went to Momeni’s office in December after he threatened to evict her. He forced her to perform a sex act with the understanding that she wouldn’t have to pay her $575 rent.

Three former tenants, all women, testified during the two-day bench trial that Momeni made inappropriate comments to them and touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable. None of those instances resulted in criminal charges.

Jeff Lesowski, a senior deputy district attorney, said Monday that Momeni took advantage of women in crisis.

Hernandez also sentenced Momeni to five years of probation and registering as a sex offender before he was taken away in handcuffs.

“My goal was to get him registered as a sex offender so other girls like me wouldn’t be afraid anymore,” the victim said.

Four people testified on Momeni’s behalf, including two tenants who said he was kind and fair.

Momeni’s lawyer, Stephen Houze, said he would ask the sheriff’s office to allow Momeni into the work-release program so he could continue to manage his apartments.

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